Arizona Goes Solar is a collaborative effort led by the Arizona Corporation Commission and implemented by the electric utilities in Arizona. There is a lot of useful information, but much of it is dated or no longer working.  Here you can:


  • Check the availability of residential and commercial solar incentives (mostly current)
  • The Arizona Renewable Energy Standard
  • Arizona Corporation Commission workshops and other related events on renewable energy (None shown as of February 2019)
  • Each utility's progress toward meeting the RES’ Distributed Energy Requirement (as of 02/19):
    • Ajo Improvement Company (Lists only 3 installation in 2012)
    • Arizona Public Service (APS) (Lists 119,260 installations as of 2/19/2019) (includes 'Export as CSV' option to download the data)
    • Duncan Valley Electric (Lists 7 installations as of 2010)
    • Mohave Electric Cooperative (Lists about 780 installations as of 05/10/2018)
    • Morenci Water and Electric Company (Lists 3 installations as of 05/12/2011)
    • Navopache Electric (Lists about 160 installations as of 06/28/2012)
    • Salt River Project (SRP) (Lists about 38,120 installations as of 06/21/2018)
    • Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (Lists about 3080 installations as of 09/26/2017)
    • Trico Electric Cooperative (Lists about 2,340 installations as of 04/17/2018)
    • Tucson Electric Power (TEP) (no dates in records, includes many cancelled/withdrawn applications)
    • Unisource Energy Services (latest date 2015, includes many cancelled/withdrawn applications)
  • An overview of solar installations by zip code。 Not very useful, seems out of date。  The Google mapping is marked "For Development Purposes Only" and does not show specific sites。  For instance there is only a symbol in each zip code and a mouse-over shows the number of sites, but not the locations。 Clicking on a zip code symbol gives a popup with Residential and Commercial statistics。




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