In 2016 the Arizona Legislature passed SB-1417 that requires specific information be given to purchasers or lessors of renewable energy systems。

  • The Consumer Energy Center provides the public with a one-stop site for the latest information about energy resources and how to use them wisely in our home, work and vehicles.

  • A list of questions for consumers to ask a solar designer/installer/financing company before making the purchase/lease decision. Prepared by the California Solar Energy Industries Association.

  • An article from Renewable Energy World lists the benefits of owning vs. leasing and presents an analysis of the differences.

  • A report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that focuses on financial innovations that have removed some of the barriers to the widespread adoption of commercial solar energy systems.

  • A consumer's guide to getting power from the sun.

  • Examines the solar lease options for residential PV systems and describes two solar lease programs in detail.

  • From a presentation by National Renewable Energy Laboratory Energy Analyst Karlynn Cory. AZSC Copy > Solar Photovoltaic Financing: Deployment on Public Property by State and Local Governments


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